Algiers Crystal Club Welcomes DJ Missy Jay with Neverdogs

DJ Missy Jay announced that she will be performing at the Algiers Crystal Club Marriott Hotel Glitter Ibiza in North Africa with the Neverdogs. The Glitter Ibiza format party was created and pioneered by Missy Jay.

“I’m very happy to travel to North Africa again,” said Missy Jay. “It is such a joyful continent with a great music culture and amazing food! I’ll be spinning in Algiers with Neverdogs that are originally from Florence, Italy where I come from, too. I am really looking forward to this gig and I’ll be sharing the booth with a beautiful MC lady from the Glitter Ibiza staff.”

When performed fully, the Ibiza format party includes acrobatic ballerinas, hostesses with Glitter Guns, MC, giveaway gadgets, club decorations, and of course, Missy Jay spinning at the desks. Clubs that are interested in conducting one of the lavish events can contact Vanessa Clark at Female Top DJs Agency.

One of the most energetic and captivating DJs in the world, she puts all her energy into her sets that have been called extraordinary. Her advanced technical skills, dynamic performances and remixes utilizing hot cues, sampling live, on-the-fly improvisations, and scratching won her the “Best Italian Female DJ” award and “Best European Female DJ ” title. Following her win, she toured for and represented Matrix magazine throughout Italy.

Missy Jay’s appeal has earned her gigs worldwide. She’s played clubs in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Doha in Qatar; the Café del Mar in Brazil; the O2 Arena in London; and the Bora Bora Beach Club and Privilege in Ibiza, Spain. Her gigs have taken her to the Circus Club in Los Angeles, CA and the Techno Marathon and Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL.

The Djane has won acclaim for her weekly Jayland radio show that’s aired on FM stations around the world, including Canada, Chili, Japan, Spain and the U.S. She releases interviews for EDM blogs and influential magazines that include Matrix and Tillate.

The Neverdogs will also take the stage during the prestigious North African event. The Neverdogs was founded by DJs Tommy Paone and Marco De Gregorio, both of whom are originally from Italy. They were joined by musician Davide Ruberto and have a respected reputation in the electronic and dance circuit. Their sexy sound and dynamic of the Neverdogs have made them welcome at the most exclusive venues around the world.

The Algiers Crystal Club Marriott Hotel Glitter Ibiza in North Africa is an opportunity to see Missy Jay in action during a party format she pioneered, and experience the skills that have taken her to the top of the female DJ industry. Combined with performances by Neverdogs, it’s an event that no one will want to miss.

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