DJ Missy Jay Smash Charts with Release of “Gettin’ Upside Down”

Popular international DJ, Missy Jay, announced that she has released her newest track through Italian Way Music, “Gettin Upside Down.” Available on Beatport, the DJ’s release is instrumental only. Vocals will be released soon with banging remixes.

“I’m very proud of this first release of the year,” said Missy Jay. “This track is a part of me and the words came from my heart. It talks about a new change that turns life upside down.”

The vocal track will be distributed to coincide with her attendance at the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami, Florida, March 21th to 24th. This year marks a return to the venue for the well-known DJ, who also attended almost all years in the past decade.

Now WMC is a premiere event for those in the dance music industry. WMC features delegates from more than 70 countries for four days of networking and over 400 events, parties, seminars and workshops.

Despite a hectic schedule of performances and appearances worldwide, the Italian techno and funky house DJ and producer from Milan still makes time for her many fans. Her Jayland Radio Show launched in February following a series of workshops with Carol Berry, BBC Radio 1Xtra producer.

The radio show is regularly uploaded on MixCloud, iTunes, podcast services and various FM radio stations worldwide. Budding artists can submit their demos and Missy Jay selects five of the best to feature on the air each week. Fans can follow her on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Before her rise to fame as one of the Top 5 DJs on the Beatport Tech House Charts and one of the Best 10 Female DJs in the World by, Missy Jay worked in Italian TV as an audio engineer on a variety of Italian radio and national TV programs. She also performed press language editing for TV, newspapers and magazines, selecting relevant stories, conducting interviews, performing rewrites and voice-overs.

Now based in London after many years in Ibiza, the DJ launched her official website in January and owns and operates her own independent record label, MJM-Records. She’s earned the acclaim of Grammy Award winner, Dubfire, and she maintains active Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram accounts to stay connected with fans.

The release of “Gettin Upside Down” is just the beginning of the DJs busy schedule for this year. The new release comes from deep within the artist’s heart and is a reflection of her many experiences. As the lyrics say, “And it is my strength, that keeps me moving forward, keeps me moving forward.”

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