DJ Missy Jay to be Featured Speaker at IAB Nonference in London UK

Iconic social media influencer and internationally renowned DJ, Missy Jay, will participate in the prestigious IAB Nonference on Thursday, November 1st. The event will be held at Tobacco Dock, Wapping Lane in London. The darling of the turntables was specially requested by Social Circle, an important, London-based influencer company.

“I am very honored to be featured for such an amazing event,” said Missy Jay. “I’m not DJing this time, but I’ve been invited to participate as creator for my social media followers. Our reality now is on the cloud and everything we know comes from the Internet, virtual social interactions, and digital networking.

“I communicate simply, as I am and without a mask,” she continued. “My social media success is because people understand it’s really me. If it is invented, it doesn’t work. I have no secrets. What we are is the result of our brain, our soul. I’m interested in meeting people who are successful, have drive, ambition, and confidence. Behind the success is a mind, there is charisma, and it doesn’t take long to see if a person is sincere or not.”

The IAB Noference features six rooms of sessions and interactive activities conducted by experts in their field ranging from social media influencers and editors to publishers and advertisers. Topics encompass AR, VR and MR Storytelling; Exploring the State of Culture; Is Your Hiring System Biased; Do the Trump Test; and Emotions as Art, Science and Superpower.

Social Circle is a home for creators and a hub for brands that fosters mutually meaningful and beneficial relationships. The company crafts fully rounded campaigns that provide customized solutions for clients to help them monetize their audience.

“I stimulate people to dream that anything is possible,” said Missy Jay. “I try to communicate with everybody, but I’m not a role model. I just want to be myself and show people who I am. I am doing a job that I really like. It’s my passion and along with it, I’m raising a small son and taking care of an old lady dog. I do this all by myself. It is honestly really tiring, but makes me happy. This is all that counts. Joy doesn’t come from things. It comes from the spirit.”

With fans and followers around the world, Missy Jay is a social media icon and influencer in industries encompassing music, fashion and radio. Appearing at the IAB Nonference at the express request of Social Circle, the award-winning DJ has authored her own social media presence and her talents are a perfect fit for the event.

About Missy Jay

Missy Jay is an award-winning DJ specializing in Techno and Funky House holding numerous top DJ awards from around the world. She’s been featured in a variety of print and broadcast media and has played at luxury events around the globe. She’s the originator of the Jayland Radio Show that’s aired on five continents and owns her own music label, MJM Records.

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