DJ Missy Jay Tours the USA Plays Miami Music Festival

 DJ Missy Jay will launch a U.S. tour that includes several performances in Miami, FL. She’ll perform during Miami Music Week where she has the distinction of being the only female in the lineup.

Miami Music Week is a celebration of music at venues around the city. Missy Jay will also perform at the White Room, Cinema, Eve Lounge, News Lounge, Pelican Hotel and Living Room during the festival. The marathon of electronic dance music takes place during the entire last week of March each year, featuring more than 1,000 artists and music lovers from around the globe.

The Techno Festival venue holds about 10,000 people and Missy Jay will be headlining the event alongside her famous male counterparts. The international DJ will take control of the stage at 5 a.m. for an early morning performance.

The Missy Jay that fans see on-stage is a one-woman operation that she oversees entirely by herself without the assistance of a manager or companions and no-one else manages her label. “I’m less concerned about a rigid structure and more about the music and how my audience responds,” said Missy Jay. “There’s structure, but I function from more of an intuitive level about what my audience wants.”

That very rejection of restrictive structure is one of the defining features of Missy Jay as a DJ, artist and person. The DJ always seeks to impart a deeper appreciation of dance music’s history and heritage to her audience.

To that end, she began slipping the odd classic trance banger into her sets. The reaction was all that any DJ could desire. Other DJs soon emulated the trend, but Missy Jay’s sets quickly evolved. “The most exciting thing for me is trying something new, surprising my audience, and seeing the positive response,” said Missy Jay.

The Italian-born DJ is always searching for new ways to innovate that surprises and amazes her audiences. Her performances are always a new and unique experience to be savored and enjoyed. Always mindful of her fans, she tries to respond to as many requests for selfies as she can.

“I’m very respectful of my fans and I love taking selfies after my gigs, although sometimes it gets a bit difficult given the amount of people to take selfies with, so sometimes I cannot make everyone happy,” said Missy Jay.

Missy Jay’s ascension to festival main stages has been meteoric. After the launch of her JayLand Radio Show, she attained even greater acclaim in the Techno industry. Currently based in London, the DJ has played extensively in the U.S., with stops in Chicago, Miami, Detroit and Montreal, Canada, that has earned her a number of high profile fans – Dubfire has expressed his admiration for the rising star.

The Movement Detroit event will take place May 25th to 27th in the city’s Hart Plaza and among the DJs and live acts already locked to play the festival is Missy Jay. More names are set to be announced in the coming months and the next instalment of the annual Memorial Day weekend festival is going to be another stormer.

Equally skilled as a DJ and a producer, Missy Jay has to date released on prestigious labels and also operates her personal MJM Records label. There’s nobody better suited to closing Techno Marathon on the last night of Miami Music Week than Missy Jay.

About Missy Jay

Missy Jay is an award-winning DJ specializing in Techno and Funky House holding numerous top DJ awards from around the world. She’s been featured in a variety of print and broadcast media and has played at luxury events around the globe. She’s the originator of the Jayland Radio Show that’s aired on five continents and owns her own music label, MJM Records.

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