DJ Missy Jay Uses her Special Talents to Specialize in Luxury Events

DJ Missy Jay will be performing at the luxury Love Ibiza event on July 29, organized by Luciano Mancini, owner of Love parties in Ibiza and abroad (Cannes, Las Vegas and Miami).

“I have contacts with marketing event managers and with them I render musically and visually appealing networking events, promotional events and sales events that are unforgettable,” said Missy Jay. “I love my job and being an essential part of worldwide boat and yachting shows, sports events such as Formula 1, FC Cups, fashion shows and chic luxury events.”

The all day and night Ibiza celebration is an open air event and she’ll be performing with friend and veteran DJ, Franco Moiraghi. The two have performed together before at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Q in Zurigo, Sonar in Barcelona and Midem in Cannes. At Love Ibiza, she’ll also perform with DJ Sherif who DJs at Peter Pan in Riccione.

Missy Jay has played prestigious venues around the world, providing exclusive entertainment for high-end couture events during Fashion Week to sporting events that includes the FC Cups. The world-renown DJ is specializing in luxury events that include Glitter Ibiza.

One of the reasons for Missy Jay’s unwavering popularity is that she always keeps her unique, happy, energetic and uplifting style for every event she plays. She knows how to break down formality that’s a barrier to having a good time. She has the unique ability to read a crowd, intuit what they want and deliver the best soundtrack, often before the audience realizes what they want themselves.

She gets the right sound for each event and it’s another reason why she’s rated one of the Top 10 best female DJs worldwide. Different crowds need different music, depending upon the occasion. She values and articulates what her dance floor wants.

Missy Jay has vast experience with worldwide hotels that includes W Hotel Doha, Vincci Djerba, Radisson Blu Tbilisi, Marriott Doha and Algiers, and Dusit Thani Dubai. She specializes in the world famous Glitter Ibiza events and has been asked to return many times by popular demand. She’ll be performing in Ibiza for Love Events (Luciano Mancini Ibiza luxury events) the last week of July.

When Missy Jay isn’t controlling the dance floor with her unique style, she’s creating and producing tracks. She’s the owner and operator of her own label – MJM Records. She recently signed with We Run The World (WRTW), an exclusive, all-female DJ agency with clients that range from Adidas® to Columbia Pictures™.

A veteran of many residencies, the DJ launched her own Radio Shows series where she features talented newcomers. She has the following performances planned in July and has a limited number of open dates for Aug.

  • July 6 – WRTW St. Paul
  • July 8 – Park Plaza
  • July 8 – WRTW Angels
  • July 13 – WRTW St. Paul
  • July 15 – WRTW Angel
  • July 20 – WRTW St Paul
  • July 22 – Park Plaza Hotel
  • July 22 – WRTW Angel

A dynamic performer who understands her audience like no other, Missy Jay will be performing at the VIP Love event in Ibiza and providing party-goers with a musical experience they won’t soon forget. Missy Jay maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram.

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