Internationally acclaimed DJ, Missy Jay, announced that she will be performing at DJ Mag’s Work.London club in Angel on Saturday, May 28th. “I am really looking forward to the opportunity to perform a DJ set at Work in London,” said Missy Jay. “I’ve been there recently for one of the DJ Mag parties they organize weekly and it was simply amazing. The sound system was loud and crystal clear, a pearl for DJs and dance floor dancers. I wanted to jump on the DJ booth and start playing! I am so excited; I can’t wait for May 28.” Missy Jay will be joined by her friend, DJ Pioneer. The famous London personality operates his own radio show on KISS FM on Thursday nights. Pioneer and Missy Jay played together in 2011 during an electronic event at the 02 Arena in London. That performance marked the last time Missy Jay was in London. Work.London is a welcome addition to the club scene, featuring a 110-capacity venue. The bi-level club encompasses a cocktail bar upstairs and a classy downstairs basement that’s host to some of the top entertainment talent of today. Work.London live streams and is home to highly exclusive industry parties highlighted by high-profile talent on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The gig marks a return of the popular DJ to the city’s vibrant electronic music events and the London club scene in Angel after extensive touring and performing around the world. A resident of Ibiza for many years, London holds special professional and personal memories for Missy Jay. It’s where she became a mother.

She return to London comes after playing Techno Festivals throughout Italy, France, Tenerife, Switzerland, Romania, Albania and Georgia. From the Miami International Boat Show in the U.S. to the world famous Glitter parties in Algeria and Bahrain, Missy Jay has played them all. Missy Jay also had residencies in Ibiza during which she played clubs that included Privilege Ibiza, rated 52 on DJ Mag’s Top 100 clubs. Privilege Ibiza was named the world’s largest nightclub by the Guinness Book of Records with a capacity of 10,000. Her impressive resume includes gigs in the U.S. at the Los Angeles West Hollywood Circus Arena and Electronic Music Movement in Detroit. She’s performed her music magic for Vincci Hotels and Pacha, in Qatar for W Hotels, and the Café del Mar in Brazil. Missy Jay’s bookings and accolades extend to Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Egypt and the UAE. Rated one of the 10 Best Female DJs Worldwide, Missy Jay is one of the fortunate few who have managed to strike a balance between a high-energy, superstar career and the demands of being a single mother. She continues to create and produce new music, owns and operates her own independent music label, MJM Records, and even finds time to converse regularly with fans via social media.


Missy Jay’s return to London’s music scene and her May 28th performance at DJ Mag’s Work.London venue is in direct alignment with her decision to live in London and create a base of operations in the city. It provides music lovers and club-goers with a unique opportunity to experience the stylings of one of the most talented and well-known DJs in the world.

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