Missy Jay Broadcasts Live from Italy Milan’s Queen Club for DeeJay TV

The talents of DJ Missy Jay will be returning to her native Italy to showcase her skills during a live performance on DeeJay TV where she’ll be broadcasting live from the Queen Club in Milan, Italy.

“I’m so honored to be DJing for this huge DeeJay Radio and TV in Italy,” said Missy Jay. “I love when I get recognition in my own country, although I have been living abroad for many years between the UK and Spain, Italy is where I was born and it gives me happiness to be valued among the Italian industry.”

DeeJay TV is the most popular and influential radio network in Italy, providing listeners with continual streaming of news, information, music, interviews, and independent programming. The satellite platform highlights important world news to the latest information about the most well-known celebrities and names in the entertainment industry.

Her Jayland radio show has been highly praised by a variety of music industry professionals and the broadcast reaches audiences on FM stations ranging from the U.S., UK and Japan to Canada, Spain, Germany and Chili.

The beauty behind the beats, Missy Jay is a music influencer and responsible for some of the most popular dance music available. She’s the founder of the extravagant Glitter Parties famous around the globe. Clubs that are interested in conducting one of the luxury events can contact Vanessa Clark at Female Top DJs Agency in London.

One of the Top 10 female DJs in the world, Missy Jay is well-known for her charisma and the positive energy she infuses into each of her DJ sets. She performs live mashups with four CDJ desks using hot cues and sampling machines. She plays strictly for the enjoyment of her audience and engages with them on a primal level.

Elegant and fashionable, Missy Jay is inspiring women with her fashion sense. She’s performed at the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Italy and the Italian fashion brand, La Maison Du Couturier, chose the DJ to wear their select line for the event.

It was Missy Jay’s technical skills and microphone mastery that earned her “Best Italian Female DJ” by Matrix magazine and a tour throughout Italy promoting the magazine. Furthermore, she won “Best European Female DJ of the Year” in France. She still releases interviews for top music magazines and for EDM blogs.

Missy Jay’s DJ skills have been rated purely exceptional by those in the music industry. Listeners that can’t make it to the Queen Club will still be able to experience the dance music mastery of Missy Jay when she broadcasts live from the Queen Club in Milan for DeeJay TV in her native Italy.

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