Missy Jay is an Inspirational DJ Influencer

Missy Jay had a dream, along with the drive, determination and talent, to achieve worldwide acclaim. She quickly become an inspiration and role model for other DJs and uses her platform to help others.

Emerging from Italy with releases that quickly ruled the charts, Missy Jay has become one of the biggest names on the House and Techno circuit. She’s managed to achieve international fame on her own terms, without resorting to fads – though she’s been known to occasionally play old trance records.

After releasing a series of successful EPs, Missy Jay established her own MJM Records label. She’s used the label as a platform to promote new, emerging artists as well as releasing material by more established underground names. When she’s not producing, she tours relentlessly.

“I have a lot of projects in the works,” said Missy Jay. “I am doing my own music, a project with an American artist, new releases through my MJM Records label, and touring, of course.”

MJM Records (Ibiza) has become iconic in the world of dance music and the DJ is always looking for new talent to spotlight. Missy Jay takes an unconventional approach to making and releasing music that sets her label apart from others. Her extensive experience and education provides her with the skills to be a one-woman show.

“I am always looking for new and promising artists and I like producing them myself,” said Missy Jay. “Each artist has a style of their own that needs to be nurtured, not altered to fit someone else’s concept.”

One of her label’s biggest releases was “Yoga”. Played extensively by people around the world, it was a demonstration of the heights to which MJM Records is capable. Missy Jay continues to drop innovative new releases via her label that pushes the barriers of dance music.

Missy Jay is the originator of the extravagant, luxury-filled Glitter Ibiza parties that are set in exotic locations around the world. When she’s touring, one of the things that endears the DJ to her fans is that after her set is done Missy Jay can often be found alongside them on the dance floor.

About Missy Jay

Missy Jay is an award-winning DJ specializing in Techno and Funky House holding numerous top DJ awards from around the world. She’s been featured in a variety of print and broadcast media and has played at luxury events around the globe. She’s the originator of the Jayland Radio Show that’s aired on five continents and owns her own music label, MJM Records. 

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