Missy Jay Returns to Romania to Rock the Bamboo Club Bucharest

World-acclaimed DJ Missy Jay will be returning by popular demand to the Bamboo Club in Bucharest, Romania. The award-winning DJ is in high demand and is one of the top 10 female DJs in the world.

“Romania is such a wonderful place to visit,” said Missy Jay. “I have played there before for an Electronic Festival a couple of years ago and it was epic! I am so thrilled to play at Bamboo. It is a wonderful and huge club, Ibiza style! Thanks to my wonderful Romanian promoter, Ionut from Cyclic Agency.”

The Bamboo Club provides individuals with a blend of art, entertainment, music and technology. The iconic venue is a trendsetting destination for generations of beautiful people with exotic décor and state-of-the-art lighting and sound technology that’s all designed to entertain and make everyone’s visit memorable.

Missy Jay is known for the excitement and positive energy she brings to every DJ set, with performance that keeps audiences in full party mode. Missy Jay originated the glamourous Glitter Parties and clubs that are interested in conducting one of the luxury events can contact Vanessa Clark at Female Top DJs Agency in London.

Her advanced technical skills, dynamic performances and charisma with her fans enable her to engage with crowds everywhere and bring new life to any dance floor. Missy Jay always plays for the crowd, creating live mashups with four CDJ desks.

Her skills won her the Matrix magazine’ “Best Italian Female DJ” in 2008, after which she toured Italy to represent the magazine. Furthermore she won “Best European Female DJ of the Year” in France. Missy Jay also regularly releases interviews for a variety of magazines and for EDM blogs. Her Jayland radio show is now broadcast in countries that include the U.S., Japan, Germany, Canada, Spain, Chili and others.

Missy Jay is a much loved DJ around the world and she’s in high demand anywhere there’s a party. A master DJ, her charisma, innate musical talent and ability to read her audiences have earned the DJ a stellar reputation and party-goers at the Bamboo Club in Romania will have the opportunity to experience the excitement of one of her live performances.

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