Missy Jay will Play “The Face of Ibiza” Party at Privilege Ibiza Spain

The Guinness Book of Records has named Privilege in Ibiza the world’s largest nightclub in the world and DJ Missy Jay will perform there during a Face of Ibiza event on August 10th.

“I’m so extremely happy to have been chosen to play at Privilege, one of the best clubs on the planet, and the huge crowd of thousands of techno dancers that will be there,” said Missy Jay. “I just love to express my freedom of music to an enthusiastic crowd who appreciate underground music as much as I do. DJing is the best job in the world. It’s more than a job, it’s passion, art and happiness! Thank you Face of Ibiza and thank you Privilege.”

Missy Jay will be among a who’s-who list of musical artists on Nov. 8 that includes DJ Sneak and DJ Oliver, who personally invited her to play for the Privilege event. Privilege in Ibiza will hold a new party every Thursday and the events will be known as The Face of Ibiza. The new concept is the brainchild of Baby Marcelo and DJ Oliver.

The Privilege Ibiza experience is like no other. The club is well-known for its extravagant, grandiose and spectacular dusk-to-dawn parties where attendees can dance all night and watch the sun rise through floor-to-ceiling windows. The scope of Privilege is enormous and the size of the main room has often been compared to an aircraft hangar, but there’s much more to explore.

Each guest list is carefully curated and party-goers never know who they might encounter at the VIP events, where partiers leave their inhibitions at home. Spectacle and pageantry are integral elements at Privilege parties and The Face of Ibiza nights will carry on a tradition of drinks, dancing and fun, combined with cages, poles and podiums that create a new and exciting adventure each time.

Missy Jay is known around the world and specializes in luxury events. The Face of Ibiza parties are some of the most exclusive and the DJ has a special place in her heart for Ibiza, where she lived for many years. The Face of Ibiza parties will be like visiting a treasured friend for the globe-trotting DJ.

About Missy Jay

Missy Jay is an award-winning DJ specializing in Techno and Funky House holding numerous top DJ awards from around the world. She’s been featured in a variety of print and broadcast media and has played at luxury events around the globe. She’s the originator of the Jayland Radio Show that’s aired on five continents and owns her own music label, MJM Records.

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