Celebrity DJ, Missy Jay, has one of the most popular Jayland Radio shows on the air and she’s utilizing her platform to help budding musicians by providing them with valuable air time for their efforts. “I encourage young artists through my social networks to send me their demos,” said Missy Jay. “Every week I choose five of the best to include on my podcast.”

The internationally known DJ believes that a philosophy of giving and sharing is a vital element of a bountiful life. She’s grateful for the opportunities she received on her journey to the top and wants to give back to promising young musicians that want to make their mark on the industry.

Missy Jay is among a growing number of professional artists that are utilizing podcasts to connect with listeners and fans, promote their music, and keep those in the music world informed of the latest information and trends. Her Jayland Radio Show is broadcast live in the UK and is regularly uploaded on MixCloud, iTunes, podcast services and various FM radio stations worldwide. She started the podcast in London last February after a series of workshops with BBC Radio 1Xtra producer, Carol Berry. “I think nowadays, podcasting is really important for all music artists,” said Missy Jay. “It’s a way to share your own music in a non-invasive way and talk to your fans on a weekly basis.” 

The funk and house DJ has returned to London from a successful run in Ibiza, Spain where she spent the summer performing at Pacha Hotel. There are rumors that her collaboration with Pacha will be extended and new professional horizons are in sight. Prior to Ibiza, she played for DJ Mag’s Work.London club. 

Never one to sit idly upon her accomplishments, Missy Jay is releasing her next track, “Upside Down,” on December 20th on her own MJM Records label before setting out on her Asian tour. The full list of dates and locations will be released by the end of November. She’ll also be participating in the 5K Santa Run on December 4th at London’s Victoria Park. She’s currently fundraising for the event, with contributions going to benefit Woman’s Trust to help those who have been victims of domestic abuse. 

Missy Jay’s invitation to young artists provides talented newcomers with the means to obtain much needed exposure and an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to others in the field. It’s all part of her philosophy of giving back and her fans can follow her on SoundCloud, Twitter and YouTube.



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