Missy Jay is an established international female DJ. She has travelled all around the globe and has displayed her immense passion for music in the largest and most popular clubs in the world. During last years the globe trotter Missy Jay performed in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. This demonstrates both her international popularity, and her skill with adapting her live performance skills to a very diverse crowd. This exceptional talent explains why Missy Jay is rated as one of the 10 best female house dj’s worldwide by web pool Djette.com She is not only praised for her sensational DJ skill in turntablism but she is also recognised as one engaged female activist, supporting a wide range of women causes.


Craig Finley


Damien Sloan

Artist and Producer

Nico Gardner

Audio Engineer

Axexis Irvine

Synth Designer

Elliot Boyd


Maddy Grey

Artist and Producer

Ahmad Arce


Mac Pace


Guest Performers

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Spicy Little Wings
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DJ Vert


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