Bora Bora Beach Club Ibiza Spain Welcomes DJ Missy Jay

The Bora Bora Beach Club is well-known for its party atmosphere where the young and fashionable of the world dance the night away to electronic music from the best DJs in the business. DJ Missy Jay will preside over the closing party at the club in Ibiza, Spain on Friday, September 21th.

“Oh, Bora Bora! You were the first place I danced the first time I flew to Ibiza, along with Pacha,” said Missy Jay. “I have a special memory of Bora Bora. Now, I’ll be conducting the music there. I’m so happy! I have been invited to perform for one of their closing parties – such an important date! Thank you Alex!

The award-winning DJ will perform at the Bora Bora Club at the personal invitation of Alex Miles, the resident DJ at Bora Bora Ibiza. The establishment has created an idyllic blend of beach, bar and club that has made it a favorite destination for carefree sophisticates around the world.

The club’s clientele are treated to music by DJs of international renown. Parties move indoors at midnight, go on far into the early hours of the morning, and beach parties have been added to the club’s entertainments. Missy Jay is no stranger to the international scene and is a regular at luxury Ibiza parties where’s she consistently invited back by popular demand.

Missy Jay was the celebrity DJ headliner at the exclusive Pacha Hotel’s Elegant Sessions in Ibiza and has an eclectic international schedule that includes a performance at Privilege during a Face of Ibiza event on Thursday, November 8th.

Missy Jay will be in her element during the performance at the Bora Bora Club in Ibiza where sun, fun and music come together in one of the most uniquely blended dance and party environments in the world. Being invited to play by a DJ of Alex Miles’ stature is a testament to Missy Jay’s experience, skill and ability to get a party started as one of the top DJs in the world.

About Missy Jay

Missy Jay’s “Nobody’s Perfect track reached No. 5 on the Beatport Techno Chart and the award-winning Dubfire played her track during Cocoon parties in Amnesia. Her performances include those at Privilege in Ibiza, Bora Bora Ibiza and Pacha Ibiza. Her international schedule includes appearances in Dubai, Doha, North Africa, Brazil, the U.S. and Europe where she’s based. Missy Jay’s summer festival schedule includes performances in the UK, U.S., Romania, Hungary and Berlin.

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