DJ Missy Jay Offers Sage Advice to Aspiring Women Music Makers

DJ Missy Jay is among a handful of female DJs worldwide that have risen to the top in a profession dominated by men. She wants women with music in their soul that have aspirations as a DJ to know they can succeed. The world-renowned DJ offers some sage advice and a look at what awaits those with drive, determination and talent.

“Winning a couple of DJ contests in my career has helped me a lot in terms of being exposed in several industry magazines, reviews and interviews on iRadios (Radio Kiss Kiss NDR) and even on MTV!” said Missy Jay. “I am really grateful to Matrix Magazine in Italy and CEO Fabio Carnevali NDR, but also to Tilllate Magazine and director David Faults NDR.”

Missy Jay advises DJs to learn all they can about the technical aspects of producing the music they want to make. Many artists become so wrapped up in creating new beats they lose sight of the role that equipment and technical knowledge plays in the process.

She noted that DJs need the ability to read their audience and that the need for exposure and publicity is ongoing. DJs should enter every contest they can manage, actively promote themselves through social media, and upload their music to digital sites.

The Djane followed her own advice on the way to the top, winning the Matrix Female DJ Contest in Milan, Italy. Later that year, she participated in the World Top Girls DJ Contest in France where she was the recipient of the title Best Female European DJ. She also participated in the Miss World DJ Concerts.

Those titles earned her interviews in numerous print and broadcast media. She’s appeared on TV, given interviews on radio and been featured in magazines that includes Tilllate Magazine.

The success of the Techno and Funky House DJ has enabled her to play some of the most celebrated music venues and work with industry professionals from around the world. She launched her own music label, and has seen her Jayland Radio Show expand from the Internet to being broadcast on five continents.

“It has been great fun,” said Missy Jay. “I met an extensive number of people during my collaboration with the magazine and it gave me a big push. A few years after winning the Matrix DJ Contest, I accepted another DJ challenge. It brought me more success and more traveling, one of the most exciting parts of my job as I have been able to meet new people and see new cultures and places.”

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