Juice Plus+ Convention Welcomes Missy Jay as its Special Guest

Award-winning DJ Missy Jay will perform and be the special guest at the Juice Plus+ convention in Birmingham, UK on Saturday and Sunday, April 28th and 29th. Tickets are currently available online.

“I’m very happy to DJ for this two-day event,” said Missy Jay. “It is such an honor! Being a vegetarian myself for many years now and being their special guest is so important to me. They are a special company and I value their lifestyle and choice of music! LOL I am very much looking forward to these empowering sessions. We will be mostly females on stage during the convention so it is going to be very exciting and inspirational. I can’t wait!”

The event will be held at the International Convention Centre, located on Broad St. in Birmingham. Accommodations are in high demand during the convention and those planning to attend are encouraged to book reservations online through the official hotel booking agent for the event.

Juice Plus+ is a leader in the whole food, nutrition-based field. Founded almost 50 years ago, the health and wellness company offers a variety of farm fresh nutritional supplements encompassing more than 30 fruits, vegetables and grains to help individuals obtain the nutrients they may not get in their diets.

Missy Jay has been a vegan for several years and credits the lifestyle as one of the reasons for her dynamic performances. When not performing at special events, the DJane is busy with her Jayland Radio Show that’s been broadcast on Internet stations for two years.

Fans in countries on five continents can now tune to their favorite FM stations to hear her professional broadcasts. Her show airs on OneNation FM every Monday from 1AM-2AM in Argentina and it’s on DI Online every Friday from 9PM-10PM.

Those attending the Juice Plus+ Conference will have the pleasure of enjoying a performance by one of the Top 10 female DJs in the world. She’s worked in numerous positions within TV and radio and owns her own music label. Her widely diverse formal education and innate abilities as a DJ enables her to create a unique performance each time that gets her invited back by popular demand.

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