Missy Jay is one of the top rated DJs in the world and fans will have the opportunity to listen to her unique style on Wednesday, August 10th in Ibiza, Spain. The internationally acclaimed music maker will be the guest DJ for the Pacha Hotel’s Elegant Sessions in Ibiza. She’ll be sharing the stage with fellow DJ, Q-Dero. Elegant Sessions is well-known for its pleasing atmosphere, electronic music, and exclusive electronic parties that feature professionals that have made their mark on the music world. A meeting of national and international artists, the Pacha Group’s events promotes and expands the electronic music and culture. Rated by industry professionals as one of the Top 10 Females Worldwide by Djette.com, Missy Jay has also launched a brand new monthly radio show, Jayland. Fans are invited to visit and listen. The show hits the air waves the first Friday of the month at Mixcloud and several FM stations around the world.

Currently based in London, Missy Jay lived for many years in Ibiza, demonstrating her talent and performing at some of the most popular and prestigious venues across the world. She’s played at the gala Ibiza Privilege for The Face of Ibiza party and at Café Del Mar in Guaruja, Brazil. Missy Jay also performed at London’s O2 Arena and did a DJ set in Los Angeles, CA for Circus Arena. The high-energy performer is a favorite at establishments around the globe. She’s been asked back numerous times for sessions at W Hotels in Doha, the Radisson Blue in Tbilisi and Doha, the Marriott in Doha Dusit Thani in Dubai, and at Djerba Vincci Hotels. Missy Jay is never content to rest on past accomplishments. An entertainer of the highest magnitude, the tech and funky house DJ is also a producer and has her own independent music label, MJM Records. The fresh-faced beauty brings an innate ability to read the crowd and provide exactly what the audience wants, often before they realize it themselves. Established fans and newcomers to Missy Jay’s unique sound will have the opportunity to hear the DJ in action when she takes center stage for Elegant Sessions at the Pacha Hotel in Ibiza on August 10th. Appearing with her will be DJ Q-Dero for a music event that will be remembered long into the future. 


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