Award-winning DJ Missy Jay will perform on Saturday, July 25th at the Vincci Resort on the island of Djerba. She will be sharing the stage in the resort’s open area by DJ Karim T from Hong Kong. The two have played together on numerous occasions and share a love of bouncy tech-house music, performing with 4 CD decks, filter machines and laptops. 

“I’m looking forward to enjoying the magic being back in Djerba,” said Missy Jay. “It’s a wonderful island and you know I love islands. I lived on the island of Ibiza for many years and now I live on a very big one called Great Britain.” Located off the coast of Tunisia, the Vincci Resort is one of the premiere vacation destinations in the world, well-known for its live entertainment and Missy Jay is no stranger to the venue. She’s appeared several times in Djerba and Tunisia and will be playing in July at the express invitation of the Pacha Group. It’s rumored that Missy Jay and Karim T will be performing in Hong Kong and the Republic of Palau during an extravagant international festival, but nothing has yet been confirmed. 

Missy Jay is simply looking forward to continuing her career after several months off to enjoy motherhood. “I sometimes take my son with me abroad,” said Missy Jay. “We went to Miami this year where I played three gigs. He was right there near the DJ booth with my assistant and it was great fun seeing him so little, but so interested in music. I’m really grateful for my job that I can go to parties like the upcoming one in Djerba and have a little break by myself on a beautiful and sunny island. It’s something that a lot of moms don’t have and I’m very blessed.” 

The Djerba gig is one of many scheduled performances for Missy Jay as she resumes her career after a hiatus following the birth of her child. The DJ remains highly popular, having performed in venues ranging from the U.S. and China to the Republic of Palau and the historic Viareggio Carnival in Italy. 

The DJ is rated one of the 10 Best Female DJs Worldwide by her peers throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and the U.S. She’s earned the acclaim of Grammy Award winners, had Top 5 singles on the Tech House Charts, and was a featured performer at the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Italy. Missy Jay owns and operates her own independent music label, MJM Records. Missy Jay’s upcoming performance on July 25th at the Vincci Resort in Djerba provides fans with an opportunity to hear the DJs unique sounds in person. She’ll be joined by DJ Karim T from Hong Kong for a spectacular display of DJ expertise.

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